Thumb throttle red (Ecobike)

48.77 zł

Thumb throttle  for electric bike, scooter, scooters

2 szt./pcs szt./pcs

Manufacturer: KarT sp. z o.o., Poland


  • compact design,
  • does not interfere with derailleurs,
  • right and left side,
  • construction based on the hallotron principle (0.8-4.2V),
  • soft elastomeric, non-slip insert in the place of contact with the thumb,
  • works with any power controller,
  • intended for brushless and brush motors,
  • hermetic Higo connector,
  • length of the cable: about 40cm,
  • compatible with Ecobike.

Difference between Ecobike, Rapid and Bafang: